Chaat Bhandaar


Chaat Platter to Share $16.00

Your choice of three Chaat items, served on a platter

Papdi Chaat $7.00

Deep-fried pastry, potato, chickpeas served cold with chefs
Special spiced yogurt garnished with red onion and coriander

Pani Puri $7.00

8 pieces of crisp hollow chips stuffed with a spicy mixture of chickpeas
and potatoes, served with tangy water

Bhel Puri $7.00

A delectable combination of paid,puffed rice, sev potatoes,onions and tamarind chutney.
”A famous indian road side snack”

Aloo Tikki Chat $7.50

Homemade cutlets of mashed potatoes served warm topped with creamy
yogurt tamarind, mint chutney fnished with red onions and fresh coriander

Samosa Chat $7.50

Homemade golden triangular savory pastry flled with mouthwatering
spiced potatoes green peas fresh tempered spices and coriander topped
with yogurt mint, tangy tamarind chutney and garnished with red onions