Our Story

The inspiration for Jai Ho came from wanting to be part of Melbourne’s culinary offerings and adding to its rich multi-cultural cuisine heritage. Jai Ho is a place where traditional tandoori techniques meet contemporary Indian style.
What started as a humble beginning in 2011 was soon bustling with families and friends enjoying a good meal, parties and functions. To give our patrons a traditional and ethnic feel we created our interiors at both locations; Richmond and Hoppers Crossing, by including Indian art, handmade furniture and even a ‘Baithak’ (traditional Indian low seating).
Jai Ho is a family run business which is how we carry age-old recipes, passing it on to our future generation. We are committed to the freshest, finest produce and to creating an exquisite and memorable experience for our guests.
Sunil Abbott and Sunita Abbott have together conceived and created Jai Ho, Richmond. Sunil’s enormous past experience across varied multi-national companies contributed significantly to Jai’s Ho’s backend management.
Sunita is the true strength and reason for success behind our unique menu and home-style cooking. 

She implements cooking processes and approaches that she had learned in her younger days, back in her home town in Kashmir.
She uses traditional methods in the kitchen like grounding our own spices. Kashmiri spices are still a big part of our recipes.
With his rich experience in working with the finest Aussie hotels, Gautam Thapar heads Jai Ho, Hoppers Crossing. He runs the show with surprising ease and efficiency. Gautam applies his past knowledge in the kitchen at Jai Ho and runs the operations smoothly and with terrific work ethics.
Saurabh Abbott was the first member of the family to arrive in Melbourne. He has tremendous experience in hospitality, combined with his exposure to marketing and finance,  Saurabh has been able to contribute to various aspects of the business. Saurabh’s vision extends to expanding Jai Ho franchise network Australia-wide.
Like any business, Jai Ho served its share of challenges and the Jai Ho family stood tall and faced it all together. They’re now a trusted name in the food industry with a massive and loyal customer following.
Jai Ho is a must-visit to experience the authentic taste and colours of India.

About Our Restaurants

Jai Ho offers authentic Indian cuisine with a modern twist. We are located in the beautiful suburb of Richmond. The team members at Jai Ho come from the hospitality industry carrying their rich experience with them.
Jai Ho boasts of a large dining room that can easily accommodate large groups, birthday parties and corporate events.
Our chefs prepare all meals with love using only the finest and freshest produce and freshly ground spices. While our menu is contemporary we respect age-old recipes maintaining a beautiful balance between modern and traditional.
Our service is an experience you will carry with you forever, as our polite and smiling staff is ever so eager to help and even make suggestions to suit your palette.
We guarantee you a refined dining experience married with fine dining service, yet distinctly casual environment to make your meal a memorable one and make you want to visit us again.


Jai Ho Is Born

Jai Ho was born as a result of a vision. A vision backed by age-old recipes and a team committed to creating an exquisite and memorable experience.


Namaste Western Suburbia

It wasn’t long after Jai Ho Richmond came along that patrons from all over Melbourne started to pour in. Popular demand resulted in starting our second restaurant in Hoppers Crossing which is equally loved by our customers.


Above & Beyond

Our passion for exceptional quality and serving more and more customers across Greater Melbourne lead to our third restaurant.

Our Team

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Sunil Abbott

Sunil developed his love for food in his early years. He would watch his family welcome guests at their home in Punjab and drew his inspiration of serving his customers from there.
Hard work and commitment to offer quality food is Sunil’s mantra for success. Sunil says ‘We represent the Indian community and culture so I will continue to pass on the same values to my future generation’.

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Sunita Abbott

Sunita is our head chef and hails from the land of beauty and abundance, Jammu & Kashmir. She carries a legacy of over 40 years in the art of cooking. Sunita incorporates traditional Kashmiri spices and herbs in our dishes, giving them a distinct flavor and making them stand out in our menu.

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Saurabh Abbott

Saurabh aims at applying the literal meaning of Jai Ho (victory shall be yours) by ensuring our food and service exceed the expectations of our patrons. ‘When our guests are fully satisfied that is victory in my eyes’ – Saurabh. He believes that being in the world’s most livable city with its inimitable multi culture gives us the best opportunity to exhibit our culinary expertise.

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Gautam Thapar

Gautams’s biggest passion has been cooking and Jai Ho has been the perfect way to channelise this love into creative and appetizing dishes. He has over 10 years’ experience working with the most premium hotels in Melbourne. Gautam’s inspiration came from his mother’s cooking. Along with his crew, Gautam uses his mother’s recipes and complements them with a contemporary touch to tantalize your taste buds.

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Shraddha Thapar

Shraddha is the mind behind creating a warm and friendly ambience at Jai Ho. Along with her team, Shraddha ensures that every guest is welcomed with a smile and every party or function is a memorable one. It brings great joy and satisfaction in knowing our customers enjoy a beautiful meal combined with an extraordinary dining experience.


Mahend Prasad

Mahend’s love for food started at a very young age inspired by his mother’s cooking techniques. So much that, he took his mother’s teachings along with him when he migrated to Australia, 30 years ago. He soon found himself relying upon his mother’s recipes to cook for his family and friends. Subsequently, his passion led to an opportunity to join the Jai Ho family. He now shares a piece of his culture with the wider community.

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Book a Table

The distinctly casual environment at our restaurants will ensure that your meal is a memorable one and make you want to visit us again. 


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Mon-Sun: 5pm - 11pm | Lunch by bookings (min. 20 guests)

Hoppers Crossing
Mon-Friday: 5pm - 11pm | Saturday-Sunday: 12pm - 11pm


Richmond: 03 90787798

Hoppers Crossing: 0483 944 442